Look who's turning 65!!

Please join us in celebrating Paul’s 65th birthday this year.

He is officially an elder now and we want to make sure he’s reminded of that!

Come celebrate Paul’s 65th Birthday
1:00 pm Pool Tournament (doors open at 11 am)
6:30 pm snacks and cocktails
7:30 pm DJ begins
Door prize tickets, Dance prizes, and lots of FUN!
Join us for a drink or a quick hello — everyone welcome!

Hope to see you all there!

Please Join Us

Official website for the Victoria Eight Ball Association

Final Round Playoffs

A Division

B Division
ELF vs RLC (tables by smoking)

C Division
ELS vs ELM (ELS Home Team..tables by food)

Round 2 VEBA Playoffs.  April 1, 2017

A Division:

BLE vs PPJ @ Britannia Legion (big tables)

BLD vs BLD @ Britannia Legion (small tables)

B Division:

ELF vs LLC @ Esquimalt Legion

RLC vs RLB @ Pro Pats Legion (RLC home team)

C Division:

ELS vs PPR @ Esquimalt Legion

RLR vs ELM @ Langford Legion (RLR home team)

Round 1 Playoffs 29 March, 2017

A Div:
PPJ vs PBS @ Peacocks
BLE — Bye
BLD — Bye
BLU — Bye

B Div:
ELF — Bye
RLC — Bye
RLB vs BL7 @ Britannia Legion Big Tables
LLC vs LLO @ Langford Legion

C Div:

ELS — Bye
RLR — Bye
ELM vs LLE @ Esquimalt Legion
PPR vs RLP @ Pro Pats Legion



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